Our mission is to harmonize people and music that transcends time and space.

The moment the needle drops, our goal is to make the music and the listeners the focus, and simply support from the background.

We aim to move people’s hearts through the magnificence, delicateness, grandeur, and stillness of music, and overflow the world through our passion of music.

River Retreat GARAKU

We think that negative feedback circuits cause the audio signal to be intermodulated and different from the original sound.

In order to emphasize the reproducibility and realism of music, we adopt no feedback.

The non-feedback audio signal is not suppressed and becomes a natural sound, reproducing the original sound as it is.

We have realized low distortion in the following ways

  • Using a proprietary transformer, the configuration of the amplifier stage is minimized. (2 stages: first stage tube and output tube)
  • Using a straight section of the tube.(Setting the optimum plate voltage)
  • MOS-FETs are placed between the stages of the tubes. Optimum impedance matching is performed.

We believe that general power supplies are a source of noise. Therefore, "quality of power supply" is also "sound quality".

With 40 years of knowledge and technology in power supply manufacturing, we use switching regulators optimized for audio equipment in all of our products.

An after-analog regulator is used at the rear of the product to ensure that noise levels are eliminated.

By using a switching regulator, we have achieved the following

  • 1,400V (power amplifier 212PA) / 1,050V (power amplifier GM70PA) for stable high voltage supply
  • Weight reduction of 24.5kg (212PA) and 28kg (GM70PA)
  • Universal power supply voltage

We have highly reliable noise-processing technology based on our experience in the development of industrial equipment, including those in the medical field.

We have sparingly applied technology to reduce noise and unwanted vibrations from inside and outside the system.

CSPort is a Japanese audio manufacturer founded in 2014. Starting with the 212PA power amplifier, the C3EQ phono equalizer amplifier, and the LFT1 analog player, our products are used all over the world.

CSPort Co., ltd.
Address 1-1-18 Nishinakanomachi, Toyama-city, Toyama 939-8084 Japan
Phone number +81-76-461-4188
Establishment September 1, 2014

Origin of the brand name

Just as ports shield bays from tides and winds, allowing ships to enter and depart, our technology eliminates all noise and creates a warm sound from the in/out of the audio signal. The waves and curved font of our logo symbolize the harmony between people and music, as well as people and society, through the sounds we create. Furthermore, they represent our philosophy of creating warm and comforting sounds through neutrality.